About Bariidiye
Connect and share life moments with your loved ones.

Bariidiye is a social media platform which connects families and friends each other where ever they are. It’s totally free, easy to use and you can chat your friends and family easily with using chat system or you can call using video or audio call quickly.

Also you can share what you up to, to others easily by posting in the newsfeed and also with stories that disappear after in 24 hours. You can create pages and groups to connect more easily with others.

Bariidiye has blog that you can create your articles of the specific topic and added to the blogs, other hand you can easily read your favorite articles inside bariidiye.

In bariidiye you are in control of your privacy. You can delete your account whenever you want, if you want to know more bariidiye privacy, please read bariidiye privacy policy.